Kale Fest is a free event for the community to showcase how great kale is and help people

connect to community through food and gardening!  Co-hosted this year by San Diego Peace Garden,

San Diego Roots and Wild Willow Farm!

Kids Activities:

9am Kids Yoga

10-2pm Recycled Art Green Art Labs

10-1pm Mud Kitchen with At Home in Nature Outdoor Programs

Tractor Rides to the Garden!

Face Painting!

Adult Program:

9am     Adult Yoga

10am    Fermenting


            Planning your Garden

10:30am    Garden Tour

11am    Water Harvesting

            Improvised Container Gardening

            Backyard Chickens

            All about CSAs!

11:15am    Cooking Demo

11:45     Recipe Contest

12:00    Music by Plow


            Visit our Community Tables


1pm    "Grow It, Sell It, Market It:

            The ins and outs of running your

            own farm/garden business."

            Want Goats? Goat Meet and Greet

            Peace in a Resource Depleted World


1:30pm     Cooking Demo

2:00pm     Clean up